Are You Pregnant?

Being pregnant at the wrong time in your life can be difficult and scary. You may not know where to turn or what to do next.

You’re Not Alone, We can Help!
If you would like to talk withsomeone who understands, please pick up the phone and call us at: (970) 493-8816

  • Adoptive Families: We recruit, educate and counsel families wishing to adopt infants and older children of all races for both domestic, international, and trans-racial adoption. After placement, we provide post-placement supervision, counseling and work with the counties and/or states, the families and the courts of Colorado to legalize the adoption.


  • Birth Parents: We provide ongoing counseling (before and after the birth) to the birth parents and assist in the legal relinquishment of their child. Through adoption, a birth mother and father can give their child the gifts of financial security and emotionally and spiritually mature parents. When a loving, difficult decision is made, one in which birth parents sacrifice their own desires for the welfare of the child, and event that began as a crises can come to a successful conclusion for all involved. Much work must been done so that adoption can be recognized as a living, life-giving choice. There is no cost for services provided to birth parents.


  • Children: As a child placement agency, our first priority is to serve in the best interest of the child. We recruit and prepare homes for newborns and older children. We provide counseling to those children throughout their adjustment for however long is necessary. We carefully  screen adoptive applicants to be sure they will provide the child with a living, nurturing, secure and stable home. In the case of trans-racial and special-needs adoptions, we provide ongoing support services to the child and their adoptive parents.